ArqBuilt General Contractor Miami Fl & Architecture provides a complete service of concept, design, construction and completion for your residential construction and commercial building needs. Whether it’s through architectural services , General Contracting Miami or the combination of both, our expertise, professionalism and attention to detail will result in your project being built on time on budget and with the outmost quality.

The benefit of working with a firm that integrates dual licensure into a design and construction format, is the ability to make almost instantaneous decisions throughout the entire planning, building and completion process, therefore ensuring a cost-effective, quality and timely project.

ArqBuilt has been created for the purpose of providing our clients with experience, professionalism and responsibility combined with creativity and a team working for a specific purpose: Deliver quality & Client satisfaction. 

Check our gallery page to review our work on luxury home renovation & home remodeling Miami FL and ft Lauderdale.

What We Offer


Architectural Plans
Architectural Design
Pre Construction
Commercial Remodeling & Construction
Marine Dock Construction & Renovation
Home Remodeling
Residential Construction
2D/3D Renderings

Bathroom Remodeling

Good bathroom remodeling (well designed, well built, on time, and on budget) requires skillful coordination by contractor. We’re an experienced bathroom remodeler that can provide any design you need to create a beautifully renovated space.

Kitchen Remodeling

We specialize in taking a design concept from a property owner and turning it into a reality. From small projects that compliment a room to large additions that change the architectural foot print of your home.


Whether a second story addition, a kitchen or bath expansion, or a basement conversion, a home addition will help you create a “new” home by adding strategically and tastefully to your existing house.


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